Our Quiet Rack Clients

We have supplied quiet racks to the following...

  • ABC Australia
  • BBC
  • Boeing
  • British Ministry of Defence
  • Hitachi Europe Ltd
  • McLaren Racing
  • NATO
  • NEC Electronics
  • PepsiCo
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers


Kell & Schneider Electric

In April 2011, Kell Systems became part of the APC by Schneider Electric brand, a move that will "bring innovation in the rack market", according to Schneider Electric CEO Laurent Vernerey.

During the last five years Kell Systems emerged as a global leader in the manufacture of soundproofed rackmount cabinets, creating the stylish Kell Portable Server Enclosures (PSEs). The Kell Systems PSEs are now known as Netshelter CX under the APC by Schneider Electric brand.

More details on Kell Systems and Schneider Electric

Cabinet Range Features
  • Exceptional noise reduction - especially effective at eliminating high frequency noise
  • 18.5 dB(A) broadband noise reduction
  • Ultra low noise exhaust fan module with 800W max recommended thermal load
  • Detachable and lockable rear panel for security and access
  • Two cable ports
What Noise Reduction Can I Expect from APC Netshelter CX Mini Enclosures?

Comparing Manufacturers' claims for noise reduction can be very misleading because of widely differing test methods.

Also, enclosures with similar decibel noise-reduction ratings may sound very different to the human ear, as some acoustic racks dampen the more noticeable noise frequencies better than others.

To help you make an informed choice we have independently tested all the Quiet Rack ranges side by side enabling us to recommend the right Quiet Rack to meet your needs. You are also welcome to compare the racks for yourself in our unique Quiet Rack Demo Room.

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