Product Features
  • Particularly suited for 'performance' systems
  • High quality build
  • Pre-cut acoustic materials for effective soundproofing
  • Anti-vibration case feet, ultra-soft fan mounts and HDD cage mounts
  • Dust-free - washable air filter
  • Available in Black or Beige
Fitting Recommendations


The AC C6607 features a washable air filter (optional use) to keep the PC interior dust free.

Washable Anti-Dust Filter

The AC C6607 has an easy-access flap at the base of the front grill that reveals 1 x Firewire, 2 x front USB 2.0, and Audio In and Out ports.

Front Firewire / USB2.0 / Audio Ports

Both the 5 x 3.25inch HDD cage and the 2 x 3.25inch drive cages slide-out easily for installation and easy access to drives once installed.

Easy Access Drive Cages

The AC C6607 features hard disk anti-vibration mounts. These are rubber, and located inside the HDD cage to combat hard drive vibration transmission.

Anti-Vibration Rubber HDD Mounts

Low profile and soft black self-adhesive case feet help to reduce the transmission of any vibration into the floor or desk.

 Soft Black Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet

Unique fan mounts for the AC C6607 case. If Once installed (the fan brackets need removing), these mounts completely isolate the front and rear cooling fans from the case enclosure - reducing the potential for noise generating vibrations transmitted from fan motors into the PC case.

 Soft Black Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts