A QuietPC Product
Ultra Soft Fan Mounts are manufactured and supplied direct exclusively by Quiet PC LLP, telephone +44 (0)1653 668000.

The Rack People Ltd (formerly named Acousti Products Ltd) promotes this product for and on behalf of Quiet PC LLP, which has sole responsibility for its manufacture, supply and delivery.

UK & Global Distributor: QuietPC.comTechnical Information

USA & Canada Distributor: Quiet PC USA Technical Information
Product Features
  • Effective Fan Noise Reduction - truly 'ultra-soft', these mounts effectively decouple and absorb unwanted fan vibrations
  • Universal Design - designed to fit the vast majority of fans and PC cases (unlike other mounts available!)
  • Quick & Easy to fit - no case modifications required!
  • Cost Effective
  • Generous quantities - enough in a Retail Pack for two fans, enough in an OEM pack for 25 fans!
Technical Specifications
  • Designed to fit Flange Type fans (see image left)
  • Range of Fan Mounting Holes: 4.0 - 5.25mm diameter
  • Range of Case Mounting Holes: AFM02B: 4.0 - 5.5mm diameter, AFM03B: 4.25 - 5mm diameter
  • Suitable for fans up to 120x120x38mm (max. weight 300g)
  • Length: AFM02B - 26mm, AFM03B - 35mm
  • Largest Diameter: 8.0mm
  • Max. Elongation: >100%
  • Colour: Matt Black
  • Material: Ultra-Soft Silicone Dampening Polymer
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Normal Operating Temperature Range: (-)20°C to (+)70°C
  • AFM02B Retail Pack Weight: 15g

Ultra Soft Fan Mounts - Retail Packaging