Quiet PC Products

These components are manufactured and supplied direct exclusively by Quiet PC LLP, tel: 01653 668000.

Acousti Products (a division of The Rack People Ltd) promotes these products for and on behalf of Quiet PC LLP, which has sole responsibility for its manufacture, supply & delivery.

UK & Global Distributor: QuietPC.comTechnical Information
USA & Canada Distributor: Quiet PC USA Technical Information

Product Features
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 4 FREE Ultra Soft Fan Mounts
  • Premium build quality (you need to feel the quality of these fans!)
  • Triple speed (using the '3-speed' fan cable accessory)
  • Sealed fan motor for dust-free operation & reduced noise
  • Multiple application (can be used for CPU/GPU or case cooling)
  • RPM-monitoring enabled
  • Reliable with a long life expectancy (over 6yrs @ 25°C!)
  • Start at lower voltages for near silent operation (min. 5VDC)
  • Unique rear 'acoustic' badge for added noise reduction
  • 3-pin & 4-pin compatible (with 3-speed fan accessory cable)
3 Speed Fan Cable

The 3-speed fan cable has been included to give the installer maximum flexibility in terms of how the fan is connected inside the PC, and at what speed (therefore noise level) it is operated.

Triple speed fan cable. Can be used for under-powering PC fans to make them run at slower speeds, and therefore more quietly.

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